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Post Mortem

16 Dec

this here marks the end of thesis part 1

Personality List Poster

16 Dec

The Muse. We all have them. For some, it’s a Kardashian. For others, it’s Buddha. For S&H Publishers, it’s these folks. We created this list one evening, and find it interesting to see their names lined up neatly in black text when in reality, their pursuits are nothing close to similar or ordinary.


Awesome Relationship Infographics

9 Dec

more here:

internet famous

5 Dec

Season 6 Episode 10 of Law and Order. The episode titled “Weeping Willow”, looks at a staged kidnapping gone wrong of a vlogger. The main character uses the internet as a tool to reach celebrity fame. Thanks for the recommendation Noelis!

oh craigslist…

5 Dec