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Why the Online Identity & Data Ownership Debate Matters

3 May

excerpt from emergent by design
The Future We Deserve

At the moment, commercial entities know more about our preferences and behaviors online than we do. With all the services out there that facilitate social interaction, there is still no easy way to connect with people with whom we share affinities, and then to effectively exchange information with them or collaborate in a meaningful way.

Our online identity and data *should* be our right to control, so that we are empowered to make better decisions about our lives and well-being, find potential collaborators or kindred spirits, or generally create more meaningful and valuable relationships. It’s worth asking:
What would a people-centric web look like?
What if it felt more like walking through a town commons and less like walking through a shopping mall?
How could identity and trust be built into the architecture of the internet?”

the 8 phases of dating :P

28 Apr

see the other phases

thesis love pt 2

18 Apr

Tech bubbles happen, but we usually gain from the innovation left behind. This one—driven by social networking—could leave us empty-handedThis Tech Bubble Is Different
great article on the minds behind site analytics and target advertising and the possibilities of such technology when focussed in other areas (such as genome data analysis used towards finding the cure for cancer!)…thanks justin
on another note, wish i’d started my thesis using feltron’s daytum via tiffany:)
thanks rachel 😛


17 Apr

my site has been updated w date data:
more to come…
and some important notes from the final crits to focus on going forward with my project:
-think about setting specific, artistic rules/guidelines
-make the site more exploratory > take out the navigation bar and make it more of an interactive experience of the data

updates from my wonderful thesis friends pt 1

17 Apr

missed out on this one friday the 13th (march) thanks jon for the link and how about the post underneath it!? name your price, a prostitution dating site?

Alone Together

12 Apr

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Sherry Turkle
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found this on my computer from 2009 – still love it

9 Apr

extrovert/ introvert date data

8 Apr

This is my first go at charting how introverted/extroverted I was from online to physical interactions with each date–each will be refined and include a written analysis of the data.
I compiled all the data into one in the second chart below to get an idea of any similarities, but because the time span is different for both and the circumstances, it doesn’t really make sense to do it this way:

sorry to be graphic but…

6 Apr

my virtual identity is menstruating…? 2 months in a row now i’ve had double the periods. not cool. coincidence that this started about the same time as the “PAUSE” photo booth meditations hmmm…curiouser and curiouser
“There are cases of women who have two or three menstrual periods each month because each of their subpersonalities has its own cycle.” multiple personality disorder

text strings pt 2

5 Apr

(click image to enlarge)