identity guidelines

10 Apr

this is UHHHMAZING. thanks hoolia:)

download Christopher Doyle’s Identity Guidelines: pdf

interview with Chris Doyle

found this on my computer from 2009 – still love it

9 Apr

extrovert/ introvert date data

8 Apr

This is my first go at charting how introverted/extroverted I was from online to physical interactions with each date–each will be refined and include a written analysis of the data.
I compiled all the data into one in the second chart below to get an idea of any similarities, but because the time span is different for both and the circumstances, it doesn’t really make sense to do it this way:

sorry to be graphic but…

6 Apr

my virtual identity is menstruating…? 2 months in a row now i’ve had double the periods. not cool. coincidence that this started about the same time as the “PAUSE” photo booth meditations hmmm…curiouser and curiouser
“There are cases of women who have two or three menstrual periods each month because each of their subpersonalities has its own cycle.” multiple personality disorder

text strings pt 2

5 Apr

(click image to enlarge)

text strings pt 1

4 Apr

(click to enlarge) i’m in the process of battling for my old blackberry texts from at&t so these two strings are incomplete and there is one guy who didn’t even make it to the iPhone:/ will update soon

modern family

2 Apr
the touchy ending of this episode is so cute and right on. DEEP. 🙂


28 Mar

wiki linkOut of the public eye, she stated, "I really am enjoying my privacy now. I don’t have a web page; I don’t have a MySpace page. It’s a completely different feeling, and I think I’m enjoying it."

no shit.

thanks for the reference alexandra:)

online disinhibition effect

28 Mar

wiki link
really love this wiki on the online disinhibition effect, but it really just had me thinking about how people share the exact same mannerisms in person, in physical form. i actually think this is a beautiful analysis of the way we not only interact online, but how we interact online serves as a reflection of our behavior and interactions in everyday circumstances — for example, it’d be interesting to observe the social characteristics of someone in their physical environment and evaluate the correspondence to their virtual life (actually this is kind of talked about in the "In popular culture" section)
thanks for the link justin!

state of mind

28 Mar

"The Evasion Studies" from THE SURVIVAL PROJECT by Steven Brahms

We are living in a time of great innovation and technological progress, yet simultaneously there are large gaps in our innate and experiential understanding. We exist in a world where at the click of a button, food is delivered to our doorstep, yet many of us would not last a night in the wild. There is a lack of experience and interaction with the natural world in our contemporary culture. In response, I am compiling a body of work that reminds us of our forgotten knowledge—a survival guide, a mnemonic manual for experience.


In making these portraits, still-lifes and found scenes, I soon became aware that the work was much more than the physical objects found within the frame. The work depicts a state of mind, and in turn shows how imagination can be a tool we can use to recapture our forgotten, innate knowledge. The images ultimately become physical accounts of interior journeys, artifacts of time that trigger and transform our collective unconscious.
more here

i felt a strong connection to this project in relation to my moments of pause as well as the dependence of my state of mind in response to my virtual existence, and more specifically the interactions (response rate to match emails and winks, etc)