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be careful ladies and gents!

28 Apr

video from abc
Gawker Article – Match.com Sued by Woman over Sexual Assault
This is why I was very careful my dates and always made sure my roomie checked in with me…Thanks to Sarah for the link:)

MARKETING and online dating

6 Feb

too true.
why you should never pay for internet dating
(thanks olgu!)

they met at starbucks

5 Feb

from april athena’s blog
“6. Justin and I met online. Really? Yes, we sure did! I won’t get into too much detail, but it wasn’t really on purpose, but it just happened and I’m so happy we met. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now and we’ll be getting married in August 2011 and he is absolutely the nicest, sweetest, funniest person I have ever met and he is honestly my best friend. Also, his family both his mom and dad’s side are so loving and kind!!! I don’t think we would have met otherwise. We didn’t have mutual friends and we weren’t from the same area. We talked for a long time, then we met at Starbucks. We dated for 3 months and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t even give him a kiss on the lips until our 5th month together. Being hard to get really does work wonders. I’ve read many relationship books and men honestly do like the “chase”. Even though times have changed, women still should remain classy, well that’s my opinion. These are books I’ve read and I honestly found the advice to be honest and valuable: The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, The Rules II: More Rules to Live and Love by, He’s Just Not That Into You, He’s Just Not That Info You” Your Daily Wake-up Call. I love relationship books and many self help books. I feel that relationships are important and if there is anyway I can improve as a partner I will definitely learn, but I think I’m pretty nice already. Hehehe! Also, for about a semester in college I really thought I wanted to become a marriage family therapist, but decided it wasn’t for me. By the way, there are other books I have not read, but definitely plan to. I really want to read Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man and The Rules for Marriage: Time Tested Secrets for Making Your Marriage Work. ”

Match screenshots

21 Nov

Match – they’re interested

16 Nov

Match.com Screen shot
November 12, 10:46 am

sign me up!

9 Nov

the questions on match.com really did cater more to my extrovert/party girl personality while eHarmony was the best I have seen so far at getting at honest answers-although it took FOREVER to sign up.

Still working on both profiles, but my info is out there for the world to see on eHarmony:
eHarmony Profile
basic information filled out for the introverted Georgia – more to come!