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Two Sides to Every Story

5 Nov

After deciding on my three personas, I considered including my “real” persona that I created on OkCupid and what that would mean to my project. I came to the conclusion that it is really just another projection of myself (and actually, I haven’t read what I wrote on my profile since I made it and I am certain that I would not fully identify with it today–and change it accordingly..) So I am going to put that one on hold for now since it is a distraction from what I am really getting at with my thesis. The other problem I have been having is why three? Three is stretching it. There are too many aspects of my personality that can be put in 2 categories..Which made me think that I should either do multiple personalities like I had in mind from the beginning – which would be more about performance than anything else — or just do two.

Then this afternoon I was watching the HBO show “Bored to Death” and Jason Schwartzman’s character said “we all live double lives”. BING. Two it is. There was also another scene which hit me about how we project ourselves onto others – that the people we interact with are just stars in our own movies. You cannot know everything about a person so you fill in the blanks from your perspective. Everyone sees people through their own movie, no character is exactly the same in two different “movies”.

The notion that we know something by its opposite has always intrigued me. Girl and Boy, Night and Day, On and Off, True or False, etc…The idea of opposites (and same but different) is also very pertinent to my thesis because my project is deals with the investigation of virtual and actual realities.

Aside from just thinking about my identity from the perspective of two disparate parts, the consideration of which sites to use for each person came back into mind. “Match” and “eHarmony” are the most well known and successful dating sites but they are very different. Within the realm of virtual dating there are also many different worlds. Match and eHarmony provide two different portals which cater to the opposing needs and desires for a successful virtual experience for both Georgias.

paper prototyping video

27 Oct

i tried out the party girl on noelis, the shy girl on justin, and vanessa played me as the perfectionist in the last run though so that i could get a perspective from the other side

notes and feedback:

-prep for characters with class and by acting it out all day before the date (at least)

-worked well that the character wasn’t exactly as it was portrayed because that shows the difficulty of acting out these characters while parts of my “real” self are still going to come through/interfere with the believability of my character

-interview/study people that are similar to my characters to get a better feeling for the role

it was extremely helpful to play out the characters with classmates to grasp the difficulty and realness of acting out the characters. i also gained a lot of insight into the entirety of the project and perspective of the person being “manipulated” when vanessa acted.

Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Parody

18 Oct

List of Personas

18 Oct

more specific details to come but the personas i am beginning to research are:

the artist

the pothead

the cook

the confused rap, hip-hop obsessed white girl

the perfectionist

the shy, quiet girl

the party girl

the computer geek

the nature freak

the graffiti artist

the fashionista