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Notes from prototyping

23 Feb

In regards to posts on the we met at starbucks site:

play out the performance aspects more:
through live date twittering and video posts

as far as site categorization/organization:
make the whole interface easier to navigate and consider a tab for each date or nicknames (which has become more and more appealing) as a system for tagging each guy

Noelis suggested that each week I pick a time to step back and comment on my posts as a way to emphasize the depth of self-reflection taking place throughout my dating experiences online and off

site design – profiles

30 Nov

basing site design off of the different dating sites once you get to the different profile pages

We Met at Starbucks Site Mock-up Ideas

21 Oct

example home screen with survey questions that end up leading to one of my profiles

example (with the party girl persona) of what a profile page might look like