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We Live in Public

28 Sep

after writing our fictional thesis stories, i needed to finally watch the movie, we live in public about josh harris. it wasn’t the greatest movie, maybe because josh harris just kind of creeps me out and makes me feel bad for him–sort of the same reaction i had to the movie, catfish.

he did bring up some interesting points though that relate to my thesis. his avatar character, luvvy, was SUPER creepy. he dressed up like a clown and acted goofy. everyone thought this was pretty weird but it was some kind of outlet for him. also, the bunker project which i believe was called quiet was really awesome.

josh harris was very alienated and lonely as a child.
harris felt “emotionally neglected but was given what he needed virtually”
because harris was brought up by a television screen, he loved his mother “virtually and not physically”
the internet is “group generated consciousness”
people today “gage their self wealth by how many myspace friends they have or youtube views etc..”

in regards to quiet:
“we are more fascinating to watch than television”
“the more you are with these people the more alone you feel”
when josh felt done with the bunker project: “his fascinating subjects had become human parasites”

according to wikipedia, josh harris “strongly believes that the technological singularity will be reached and the human being will cease to be an individual, while the machine becomes the new king of the jungle”