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online disinhibition effect

28 Mar

wiki link
really love this wiki on the online disinhibition effect, but it really just had me thinking about how people share the exact same mannerisms in person, in physical form. i actually think this is a beautiful analysis of the way we not only interact online, but how we interact online serves as a reflection of our behavior and interactions in everyday circumstances — for example, it’d be interesting to observe the social characteristics of someone in their physical environment and evaluate the correspondence to their virtual life (actually this is kind of talked about in the "In popular culture" section)
thanks for the link justin!

Wired Article on Smartphones and Human Behavior

17 Oct

Last two paragraphs of the article hit on our need to be constantly connected as social beings:

But why do people feel they have to text while driving? Social networking sites coupled with a constant internet connection everywhere you go support the need for individuals to belong, and some research has shown that exclusion from social networks and text messaging can reduce the feeling of belonging. In short, we grow attached to the lifestyle of being always on, and we want to stay plugged in — even when it’s a bad idea.

“We’re social organisms. There’s so many mechanisms built into brain that are designed for socialization,” he said. “The telecommunications industry has hit on something we’re built to do.”

Article Link: Help! My Smartphone Is Making Me Dumb –or Maybe Not